Tracked MMOs



1. What's the different between and
Both sites are trying to do the same thing, and that is to provide data on MMOG's, however, has not been updated since June06 and also did not include the growing F2P/B2P market hence the reason was created.

2. Why isn’t [MMOG_NAME] listed?
OK, this could be from two main reason ....
a) I try and track as many games as possible, however the number of titles is always increasing hence I can miss a few! Likewise I will only track MMOGs that are in English and/or released in the Western market. If you feel a game should be included on this list then let me know.
b) It is on the underlying spreadsheet but I have no data about it so I have removed it from the charts shown on the website.

3. Why track F2P / B2P games?

The growing number of F2P/B2P games is increasing and is having an impact on the market place as a whole. Whilst it is harder to get numbers for these games I believe it is important to acknowledge these games and show as much information about them as possible.

4. Why so many blanks / missing data?

I don’t have any good data for the game in question but would like it, hence it is blank. If I cannot confirm the source of any data or the data would be guess work then I do not include it. Data needs to come from a good source to get added. If you have any data on these or other games not listed, feel free to drop me a line!

5. Where do you get your numbers?
The numbers come from a variety of sources, and some games have more than one source. These sources include press releases, direct data from the developers, company investor documents, news articles, public comments and anonymous sources.

6. Your numbers are all made up or are just guesses!
I assure you, they are not. It is true that many companies keep their subscriber numbers confidential, but others are more open about it (less so as each month goes by). Almost all of the data I use comes from actual sources, although often those sources are insiders who only give the information on the condition of anonymity. If I simply wanted to make up numbers, I’d put out an update every week, and those updates would quickly be revealed as faulty when compared to, say, company press releases. So, while I am the first to admit that the data is not always reliable and it is most definitely not made up – or at least, not by me.

7. Your data for [MMOG_NAME] is wrong!

It’s possible as this is just starting and I would love to stand corrected on any of the data. However, if you’re going to offer a correction, please provide some source for your numbers. Newspaper and magazine articles are good, but sometimes may be quoting old data that is no longer accurate. In the past, it has usually been the person trying to correct me who was actually mistaken, so do try to double-check your source before getting into an argument with me over numbers.

8. Can you provide a breakdown of MMOG subscribers by regional territory (North America, Europe, Asia)?

I wish! Sadly such information is simply not available for most of the games I cover. NCSoft provides regional breakdowns, but most other companies do not, and what I do hear Is usually approximate data and only apply to one point in time; historical territory breakdown numbers are even more scarce.

9. Can I use your site as a reference in my [web site/research paper/news article/etc.]?

Of course! Just be sure to include the current URL, the version you’re referencing, and my name. The whole point of this site is to provide this data for free for use by those interested in the industry. If you’re working on a research paper, an example citation would look like this:

White, Phil. “An Analysis of MMOG Subscription Growth” Vx.xx. [date].

10. Can I get previous versions of your charts?
The charts and the research are ongoing and include all previous data.

11. Who are you, anyway?

I have been involved within online gaming for over 7 years now and I have tried most MMO games and found homes within a few of these games across the years. Professionally I worked at Codemasters for a number of years where I was part of started up the Online Gaming division, signing games like LOTRO and RFOnline before leaving to start my own MMO services company PSFEI ( I would stress that any data has not been taken from my involvement with companies I have, or I am working with unless explicitly agreed with them, hence is not in breach of any contract or NDA.